Small Business Sustainability Pioneer

Identifying, investing and creating businesses that focus on the environment, business ethics and branding.

My Passion

With a background in identifying, creating, and investing in sustainable businesses, I have a passion for helping businesses. I’ve been told I’m a catalyst for change and demystify the process of growing businesses while improving sustainability.

My ongoing pursuit of improved sustainability, and understanding and improving the impact of business on the environment to the benefit of both drives me daily to learn, explore, improve, and implement.

“If we are to limit climate change and conserve resources, while at the same time improving the health of businesses, then we need to act now, and make change. We must build synergy between ecological, social, and economic goals."

Matthew Kirkby


EcoCabs began in 2006 thanks to my purchase of a memorable phone number (600600). It has grown into a successful transport company with a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. Over a decade ago, we diversified into leisure with EcoCycles, a bike and hike support service.

Digital Assets

My media company started trading domains in 2005 and specialises in the green digital space. My passion for the environment allowed me to secure single-word domains such as

Beautiful Betty

Beautiful Betty is an ethical beauty salon and retailer that opened in 2015 of which I'm Commercial Director. It focuses on cruelty free, sustainable, and independent beauty brands in the UK. Online retail is our current focus, having successfully established the bricks and mortar business.  

Northumberland Christmas Trees

A sustainable and rewarding venture, this business has become recognised across the North East with a trusted customer base, while protecting Northumberland's flora and fauna.

the Off grid experience

Over 10 years of planning, 2 years of building and the site opened its doors in August 2022. It is a wild retreat not far from the Northumberland coast, with each homestead situated within its own unique clearing whilst capitalising on natures therapy. The mechanics of the site has been designed to work in harmony with natures own environmental systems. whether its water, energy or waste its been curated to be a closed loop business.

the Off grid Company


coming soon