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Who Me?

I explore, develop, and build sustainable businesses.

A natural-born explorer. Experimenter. Adventurer. 
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a curiosity for how things work. 
As a child I took apart, and rebuilt, every bit of machinery I could get my hands on to get my head around the inner workings of things.
School wasn’t where I got my education. My dyslexia made traditional learning difficult, so I looked to the world around me to satisfy my need for knowledge. 
It was in business where I found my true passion, and purpose. The practical details involved in building and running a variety of businesses taught me so much more than school ever could.
I have a natural instinct for seeing the bigger picture then formulating and implementing the steps necessary to bring an idea from start-up right through to a successful and viable business. 
I love exploring new ideas, in business and in life, and I’m excited to dive into future opportunities that come my way.

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Who We Are

Branding, websites and digital experiences, crafted with love, intelligence, precision and creativity.

Peter Bowman

Creative Director

it's a coordinated effort

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