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Isle of Arran with the boy

In need of a break before diving headfirst into the Christmas tree season, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take my dog Otto on a quick trip to Isle of Arran. With only a short window of time between projects, we packed up and hit the road, eager to start exploring  

The Start

We set away sharp, boarded the ferry quickly and began. Three weeks later, it was quite random when I ended up selling a Christmas tree to the same captain who had taken us to the Isle of Arran.


Day 1, we had a great walk around Brodick Castle Garden; although the main castle and facilities were closed due to it being November, the gardens were some of the most inspiring I’ve seen and easily accessible. What’s more, we had the entire place to ourselves! It’s an absolute must-see, created a century ago by the Duchess of Montrose and her team of skilled gardeners. It’s compelling to think of all the voyages taken by plant hunters to far away lands, to bring such a variety of plants and seeds back to Britain

We took in the sights by driving, hiking, and exploring all the main spots, including Goat Fell, King’s Cave, and the Standing Stones. For the most part, it didn’t feel like we were on an island; rather, it felt like an extension of the mainland. Although some areas on the west coast felt quite rugged and isolated, it wasn’t as much as I expected it to be.

The most memorable part of the trip was when i ended up drinking whiskey until silly o’clock in the morning and talking to a couple of fellas. One of them had some serious issues with the world and it sounded like he had been through some shit, where every day felt like the Oscars, if you know what I mean 😉. He was a truly profound character and had tears in his eyes as he expressed his hatred towards the global political arena. Some of the things we discussed that night will stay with me for life.

Trip End

As we departed Arran, I knew without a doubt that I would be back, eager to kayak my way out to Holy Isle on my next visit.

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