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Off Grid APP Manager

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OffGrid Guru - OffGrid Property and Tiny Home Management

The is idea, for an off-grid app that monitors battery and water levels using off-the-shelf Bluetooth gauges is a great way to help off-grid communities and individuals stay on top of their energy and water usage. By providing real-time data on battery and water levels, the app can alert users when levels are low and help them to better manage their resources. 

Additionally, the app could potentially be used to remotely control and monitor other off-grid systems such as solar panels and generators. This can help users to optimize their energy usage and reduce the need for costly maintenance.

Furthermore, this app could be integrated into the builds of tiny house builders, allowing them to monitor and manage energy and water usage for their customers before the tiny houses leave the production line, giving them an added value to their builds, and provide a more sustainable and efficient living experience for the homeowner.

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