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Refill Subscription Van

Startup Costs

The Refill Van. Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Refill stations / shops are gaining popularity, as they are increasingly popping up in more and more locations across the country, providing easy and convenient access to lower impact food without packaging.

While the cost of renting retail space and operating a brick-and-mortar refill shop can be expensive, using a electric van in densely populated, high-income areas can be a cost-effective solution that still allows for access to sustainable products, and a great business opportunity as well.


Additionally, offering a subscription service for frequently purchased products and even selling or leasing the containers for customers, could provide an additional revenue stream for the business, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Furthermore, with targeted digital advertising, reaching the right customer base would be much easier and could help increase the visibility and success of the refill delivery service, tapping into an untapped market.

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