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Vertical Farmer

Startup Costs

Crate Farmer, Harvesting the Heights

With businesses looking to maximise their assets and create new revenue streams, there has never been a better time to negotiate for space and establish a vertical farm, particularly in an urban area. Urban areas often have a higher demand for fresh produce but limited space for traditional farming. A vertical farm can utilise this limited space to produce a high yield of crops, while also providing a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet this demand and fill a gap in the market. Additionally, by locating a vertical farm in an urban area, it can also bring fresh produce closer to consumers and potentially reduce transportation costs. 

Furthermore, as policy and media start to highlight the issue of high water consumption levels, vertical farming’s water-efficient approach becomes even more attractive, as it uses significantly less water than traditional farming methods. This can not only help to conserve water resources but also make the business more sustainable and socially responsible.

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